Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Top 5 Web Finds

1. Pics: Just came across this today from Cute Overload. It made me laugh out loud because I can totally imagine myself trying the same thing with the same results (that is, if I had 2 cats and a dog).

2. Video: Can a cat and a crow be friends? Check out this fantastic video that my mom sent me a link to. It's about 7 minutes, but it is worth it. You especially have to see the pranking action around the 5 minute mark.

3. Article: The New York Times column The Minimalist has some good tips on what to ditch from your pantry and what to always keep on hand. It's amazing how he can make a simple bean recipe sound so delicious. I will have to try cooking dry beans since he says there's a huge difference from canned.

4. Video: Wing Suit Base Jumping. Go watch and prepare to be in awe. Something with 9,000 diggs in 2 days--you know it has to be good.

5. Lists! Who doesn't love lists?! This is a good one: What's In and Out for 2009. I must be behind the times, because I still like a lot of the "out" things (Lost, LOL Cats).

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