Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer TV

Thanks to my DVR, I've stuck with On the Lot all summer. Admittedly, I fast-forwarded through a lot of the nonsense (the hostess is more annoying than an eyelash in your eye), but still it was neat to see several original short films each week, and I adore Garry Marshall as a judge--his endless quotations were a delight. Anyway, tonight was the finale. The winner, Will, is too adorable. What a sweet, awe-shucks kind of guy! I'm glad he won. You can see all his shorts here. Check out Glass Eye first.

The other show I've been watching this summer, although much more obsessively, is Big Brother 8. Four words: I hate Evil Dick. He is so mean and rude and cruel. At first I thought his honesty was refreshing, how he would not gossip or say things behind people's backs, but rather right to their face. But now he just does it for the thrill of the confrontation, and it is so uncomfortable to watch. I can't believe he didn't get evicted last week!

And I have just one question for you: why on earth do the girls wear strapless tops when competing for HOH? Both Jess and Daniele have risked flashing America with their victorious jumping. It's so unflattering to always be pulling up your shirt.

Other shows I've been catching up on while they're in reruns: How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and Family Guy. Funny stuff! It's nice to be able to just drop in on a show, and not have to know all the intricacies of the plot up to that point. I love shows like Lost, Traveler, and Jericho, but it's nice to have some comic relief!

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  1. I totally echo your thoughts on Evil Dick. He has so crossed the line numerous times and he is scary to look at too. Evil is a good description for him.

    I laughed at your question about the girls wearing strapless tops. I have wondered the very same thing.... it makes me pray for their modesty to stay somewhat intact.

    Who do you want to win?