Thursday, August 30, 2007

BB8 watch-and-blog

Dick is so disgusting with all the spitting--how funny that they asked him about it tonight! The little "showmance" between Jessica and Eric is a little surprising. I mean, I knew they were buddies, but until I saw Tuesday's episode, I totally thought she was not interested in him that way at all. Then she suddenly mentions wedding bells, and they're making out in the HOH bed! I really wish Eric had used the veto so Jessica could backdoor Dick. I could not understand why Eric wouldn't want to mix things up that way, until he explained it was to fulfill America's wish to evict Amber. I don't have anything serious against her, although I will say that I'm sick of her constant crying, and telling God to bless himself (what's up with that?). But Eric's accusation that she is on a high horse is a little of the pot calling the kettle black. He is getting a little cocky.

The Power of 10 trip to NY was a little disappointing. All that money for the winning, and Amber managed to snag only $1,000. I recorded that episode of the game show but don't know if I'll bother watching it now. Funny how no one in the house believed Drew Carey is the new Price is Right host. I hope they do a current events competition like they've done in the past, where houseguests have to guess whether a headline is true or false. I wonder what some of the unbelievable but true headlines would be...what has happened in the past couple months that's big? I can't think of much.

Show notes as I watch:
...Wow, Zach's speech was sooo rehearsed and cheesy!
...Big surprise, Amber's crying.
...78% of America wanted Amber out?? Wow, that's high!
...First mention of Eric's America's Player earnings...He's racked up $30k?? Yowsers.

Let's see who it will be!! Bye bye, Amber! She could have worn something a little dressier for eviction night. She wants to be a motivational speaker? Or a nurse?? Hmm.

HOH competition: This is insane! It will take for-frickin-ever to fill those globes up up with liquid. Three ounces at a time to get 16 gallons! Seven miles of walking back and forth??!! On slippery wood?? They are going to be soooo sore tomorrow. You know what would be good to do...for two people to team up and fill up one person's globe, so they can get done faster. I wonder if they'd be allowed to do that.

Ooh, I just remembered! I'm recording BB After Dark on Showtime tonight at my parents' house, so maybe I'll get to find out before Sunday who the winner was. Or maybe they'll still be going back and forth.

Gasp! A double eviction next week??! Uh oh.

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  1. I have had many of the same thoughts about BB.

    I have so many issues with Dick. First, he looks so raggedy right now and he makes himself look worse with the spitting and such.

    Amber said a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to be a model and Jameka was telling her how she would be perfect for that. It is nice to know Amber has a lot of options I guess.

    Eric is kind of geeky and awkward to me when he is with Jessica... in the light. He seemed to have no problem being suave in the darkness. I laughed when he completed his kissing task and it said "barely" underneath.

    Anyway... this is like a blog entry in itself.... I need to update my blog. It has only been like 4 or 5 months. : )

    I am laying low today... not feeling too well.