Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Birds & bees

I had a dream about bees last night. I was trying to collect them from a hive, using a plastic trash bag. My first attempt was a disaster. I managed to get the bees in the bag, and close it up, and they were like this solid mass at the bottom. But then I let some air in, which caused the bees to go crazy and start buzzing around so much they caused the bag to blow up bigger and bigger until I couldn't keep it closed anymore. So I threw it away from me, but being a plastic bag, it kind of blew back towards me, and the bees came after me. At any given point I only had one bee on me, and I managed not to get stung.

Then, in all my brilliance, I decided to try again. This time, I used some of that taming smoke that beekeepers use. I pumped it into the bag, got the bees in there, and then started smothering them. The more I rubbed the bees in the bag, the more molasses was created. Well, it was some sort of dark brown liquid, so I can only guess it was molasses, although I suppose it could have been honey. Anyway, that was what my subconscious decided to reveal to me last night. Go figure.

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