Monday, September 29, 2008

Where I Go

Driving to my training in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago, I found myself on Riverside Parkway, right next to--you guessed it--a river. I was taken by surprise, as I didn't know there was a river running through Tulsa, and a beautiful one at that. Just goes to show, you never know where you might find a hidden treasure.

The picture below reminded me of Natalie Merchant's song from her first solo album, titled "Where I Go."

Climbing under
a barbed wire fence
by the railroad ties

Climbing over
the old stone wall
I am bound for the riverside

Well I go to the river
to soothe my mind
ponder over
the crazy days of my life
just sit and watch the river flow

Find a place
on the riverbank
where the green rushes grow
see the wind
in the willow tree
in the branches hanging low

Well I go to the river
to soothe my mind
to ponder over
the crazy days of my life
watch the river flow
ease my mind and soul
where I go

Well I will go to the river
from time to time
wander over
these crazy days in my mind
watch the river flow
where the willow branches grow
by the cool rolling waters
moving gracefully and slow

Ooh child it's lovely
let the river take it all away
the mad pace, the hurry
the troubles, the worries
just the river take them all away
flow away

You can listen to part of this beautiful song here (click the play button on the right side of the screen).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've been meaning to post about this for a couple weeks, but work has been so very busy, and the last thing I want to do at home is be on the computer. Things have quieted down now, so here we go.

I flew into Denver on the 8th of September and after my trainings on the 9th I went to the aquarium. Little did I know, it is not a traditional aquarium. In addition to fish and other sea creatures, they have reptiles and birds, and even tigers!

Of course I get excited whenever animals and photography are involved, so I had a grand old time in there. I couldn't tell you what half the fish are called (and the signage wasn't great) but they sure are purty.

And I think I discovered the missing evolutionary link between land and sea...behold, the fish with legs!

More pix on Flickr.