Thursday, May 25, 2006

From the Vault

Update: See more From the Vault.
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I was looking around for a meme to do for today's entry, because I was feeling a little uninspired, and I came across "Thursday Challenge." It's a photo meme, and this week's theme is "Ground." I was searching through my pictures for an appropriate photo, but here's where being a picky rule-follower can be a burden. Every photo I considered, I dismissed as not quite right. As if I were picking something to be displayed in the Louvre! It's a blog, for crying out loud. Apparently I don't like being restricted by themes, as my own postcard swap taught me.

So I decided to start my own meme. You can do it on any day you want, and more than once a week if you want. And there is no theme. All you have to do is pick one photo from your "vault" that has never been on your blog before, and post it. You can write about it, or let it stand alone. It's kind of like your favorite singer putting out a CD of songs that they recorded but which never made it onto an album. In the age of digital cameras, we all take tons of photos that never see the light of day, for lack of a proper venue, or an "excuse" to show them. So let "From the Vault" be that venue, that excuse. Here's my inaugural offering:

The Star

Taken May 11, 2001, Pier 39 (San Francisco, CA)


  1. Like the meme idea and thanks for the seals.

  2. Ah, yes. I remember my sea lion friends well. :)