Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a fun day. Around noon my parents and I went to the Apex Peakfest, an annual street fair that has over 200 vendors.

(view from north end, looking station on the left)

(view from south end, looking can spot the water tower in the distance)

I got a pretty silver bracelet but otherwise we just browsed. It was a gorgeous day with a nice breeze. A leeetle bit hot in the sun but in the shade, perfect.

After leaving the festival, we headed over to Office Max because I wanted a trackball mouse--my absolute last idea to help ease some shoulder tension and pain. We'll see if it works. Next we stopped at A.C. Moore, a craft store like Michael's or Joann's, because my dad is just in love with it since his first trip to one in Durham a week ago. (Yes, I said my dad--he's not your average sports nut guy, to be sure.)

We had lunch at Lucky 32, a nice restaurant in Cary that we hadn't been to before. The decor was nice, the bathrooms were really nice (with toilet seat covers!!!!), and the menu had many enticing options . My mom and I liked our meals but my dad wasn't impressed with his flavorless open-faced turkey sandwich.

Afterwards we were going to check out the Martha Stewart KB Homes in Cary, but we got on the 40 freeway and traffic was at a crawl so we ditched that plan. We were going to head for Kmart but missed the exit, so we just went around in a circle on the beltline. I'd never done that before. Everything is so green and lush, it's just beautiful. If I had to pick one word to summarize North Carolina, it would be TREES.

We got off on Six Forks Road for a bit of show-and-tell ("That's my office," "Over there's my gym," "Here's the Bear Rock I go to for lunch sometimes," etc.) We continued way up Six Forks Rd. and, wouldn't you know it, found a Kmart. My parents were interested in something for the backyard (I can't say what yet) but they didn't have it.

Exiting the parking lot, we unknowingly got on the wrong street (Strickland) and ended up having a great detour. We drove through a very nice neighborhood (turns out to be called Crosswinds, with houses around $350k) and we spotted a Goodberry's, where we stopped for our first frozen custard. My coworker had given me a gift card she'd won and said she'd never use, so it was free! It was delicious--basically like ice cream, but much smoother.

We got back onto Six Forks and then went up to the 540, hooked up with the 40, and then exited at Harrison for a quick peek at Umstead State Park. We drove through Cary and stopped at their Kmart, which we discovered, after much confusion, had the desired backyard item. We managed to squeeze it into the car (barely) and then we came back to my apartment around 9. Whew! I slept like a baby. :)


  1. Since I've discovered frozen custard, ice cream isn't the same anymore. :) Love it!!

  2. But was your frozen custard soft or concrete? :)

  3. Soft! We saw the concrete option but were a little puzzled by it. We'll have to try that next time!