Friday, May 05, 2006

Time to rack up the frequent flier miles

Although nothing is written in stone, here are the places I will probably get to visit through my job this summer:

North Carolina:

Eastern North Carolina (Pamlico/Chowan Counties)
Northwestern North Carolina (Alleghany County - where my brother and his family live!)
Southern North Carolina (Mecklenburg County - i.e., Charlotte)
Western North Carolina (various counties in the mountains)
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


South Carolina
Northern Ohio (2-3 days)
Illinois (2-3 days)
Pittsburgh (1 week!) (!)
Albany, New York (3 days)

The only minor snag is that the whole purpose of the traveling is to retrain our customers on our new user interface...which is not done yet and has an ever-changing deadline. I haven't even tried out the beta version yet, and I'm supposed to show district superintendents how to use it in a couple months? Yikes!

1 comment:

  1. Ugh! I don't envy you. At least, as a technical writer when you had like 2 days to document the latest feature that took developers several months, you didn't have to face real live customers. Hopefully, there'll be time to learn what you need to before having to teach others. At least you'll have a new adventure. :)