Sunday, September 17, 2006

From the Vault

Weeping Willow

Taken August 3, 2006 in Virginia.

I think the weeping willow is my favorite tree. There's something about it that is wistful and lazy and dreamy and soothing. I'm torn, however, as to whether I prefer it au naturel, or trimmed nice and straight. Wow, that about sums my day up right there...the ongoing feud between order and chaos. (I did some housecleaning, in case you're wondering where THAT came from!)

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  1. I too am so in love the the weeping willow tree. I agree with every little thing that you said about it. I want grab a soft blankie, grab a book, and read for hours under that tree. Anything that would take me away from the busyness that is my life lately would be welcome.