Saturday, September 30, 2006

The beach

I finally made it to the coast! This afternoon at approximately 5:30 pm, my feet touched the Atlantic Ocean. It was definitely as warm as everyone said it was. And quite picturesque, too.

Two highlights from my trip: all the seashells I found intact, and Mr. Beakers.

I saw the cutest bird burrowing his little black beak into the sand,

running around in the waves that were lapping up on the shore. He was super fast!

I grew very fond of Mr. Beakers as I followed him up and down the beach while he was busy at work, I presume looking for food.

Whenever the water would come rushing up towards him, he would run away from it, just far enough so that when it reached him, it was gentle and shallow. Only once was he forced to resort to flying away...and that same wave caught me off guard and got my whole right leg wet!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Driving around the Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington area, I was totally getting a Southern California vibe. Very cool. I actually had a moment of, "Wait, where am I?" It was a little odd for the sun to be setting over the beach instead of the water, but it was beautiful nonetheless. Gorgeous weather, clear sky, couldn't have asked for better. I definitely want to go back soon, and spend some more time exploring up and down the coast!


  1. I get the same SoCal vibe on our Atlantic beach down here - love the warmth. The Atlantic up there looks awesome, too. :) It's on our list of places we must visit sometime soon. How does RTP feel - any SoCal vibe there?

  2. If by RTP you mean Research Triangle Park, I've only been there a couple times, both brief visits. And it didn't feel anything like SoCal--I was kind of in awe at the sprawling corporate campuses.

    If you mean the Triangle in general, I wouldn't say it's very Californian, except in that everywhere you go, suburbs are suburbs--and the suburbs here feel pretty much like the suburbs of L.A.

    But the feeling on the coast totally took me back to Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Venice, and San Diego.

  3. RTP (the complex) may feel more like Silicon Valley - very campus-like. My West Coast experience is a mush of SoCal, NoCal, and Oregon so I sometimes merge the entire coast into one sum - although they are different. Thanks for the clarity.