Monday, September 11, 2006


Yesterday I finally discovered the lake in Apex! After my massage I decided to just drive around exploring and I came across the lake, totally not where I thought it would be. It was a lovely day outside so even though I was not wearing walking shoes I parked and walked around a little. It has a 2 mile path surrounding it, complete with markers every quarter mile. If I ever get to switch to the 6 am shift, this is where I'll be coming in the afternoons to get a good workout. It's so beautiful, and so close! This is what I absolutely love about North Carolina. Nature just about knocks you in the head everywhere you go. I mean, So Cal has lots of nature spots but you have to look for them, and go out of your way to get to them, whereas here, they are footsteps away.

I saw some people fishing and I asked them if they catch much, and apparently there's catfish in the lake!

Another up close and personal nature event that happens quite regularly is the deer visiting my parents' house to eat corn. It used to be a mama and her baby, but now the baby is a big sister to a very Babmi-esque fawn. (And the bulge of mama's belly makes me wonder if she's already pregnant again!)

They are so cute, and so skittish. The slightest thing causes them to bolt. It makes me wonder how on earth they ever run towards cars. Peak mating season is coming quickly and I just pray that all the little creatures steer clear of Fiona.


  1. I cannot wait to take a trip to the lake with you sometime. It looks beautiful indeed. And the little baby deer... too cute for words.

  2. You'll have to show us the lake next time we come to visit! P-R-E-T-T-Y- N-I-C-E!!