Sunday, August 12, 2007

On my mind

Here's a snapshot of what's on my mind this fine Sunday afternoon.

Event: Looking out the window.
Thoughts: Getting my lawn in better shape. Figuring out how to make watering more of a habit. Finding organic weed killer and fertilizer.
Actions: Watered, pulled weeds, discovered corn gluten is the answer. Who knew?!

Event: Reading a Newsweek editorial about zoos as animal prisons.
Thoughts: I like visiting zoos, but do feel badly for the animals that aren't happy. The little ones probably don't know much of a difference (I'm picturing the meerkats from the Asheboro zoo, who behaved just like the ones you see on Meerkat Manor). But the bigger animals must feel confined. But zoos educate people, engender sympathy for wildlife, breed endangered species, and on and on.
Action: It's a tough one. I'll leave it for another day.

Event: Watched video of air traffic patterns (just now got around to it, Mom!)
Thoughts: I'm part of that glowing mass, many days. It's very cool visually, but my goodness, planes pollute a lot. I wish my company bought carbon offsets. Not likely. They won't even buy a new laptop (they're taking away my desktop and giving me a used laptop from 2003 they purchased online).
Action: I should just be grateful I'm working and not complain but oh look, I am.

Event: Did not win lottery.
Thoughts: If I had won ($161 million!) I would want to start a couple nonprofits: one for the environment, and one for animals. I would make people's houses more efficient, for free. If someone called you and said, "I'm with such-and-such non-profit organization and would like to set an appointment to come out to your house and install compact fluorescent light bulbs, a programmable thermostat, and a water heater blanket, at no cost to you," wouldn't you say yes? And the other would be a no-kill shelter and adoption center, I think.
Action: Since no one won, I will buy a couple tickets for Wednesday's drawing. Keep your fingers crossed!

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