Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What on earth?

Last night I dreamt that I bought lunch for all the participants in one of my training sessions. For some reason it was not held at a school, but rather at a storefront in a strip mall. So I went next door to the chicken place and ordered the 66-piece platter of nuggets, and 12 ears of corn. It was the kind of place where all the food is laid out in bins in front of you, and placing an order that large caused quite the resentment among the workers because I was basically buying them out of chicken and corn and they were going to have to rush to make more for the other customers. They tossed my abnormally large chicken nuggets (think grapefruit size, and yes, they were spherical) in some sort of thousand island dressing concoction, but more resentment resulted because they didn't have a bowl big enough to toss 66 at once. After I paid (it was $116 and I thought to myself, my boss will never approve this expense) I asked for some little cups of bbq sauce, and they said that would cost extra. I was like, dude, I just spent over $100 for chicken nuggets and you can't give me free sauce? And that's all I remember.

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  1. Weirdest dream I've ever had involved my father sitting in his lounge chair painted up as a member of KISS, and listening to a version of one of their songs in some kind of Slavic language!!