Monday, January 19, 2009

Excitement 'round these parts

From the National Weather Service:
Precipitation is expected to begin as a mix of rain and snow this evening... transitioning quickly to all snow overnight... continuing through Tuesday. Storm total snowfall is expected to be at least two inches across the area... and could reach four to six inches by Tuesday evening in some locations.
I asked a coworker what HVAC company he uses, and called them today. I got a machine, probably because they are closed due to MLK Day. So, likely no heater appointment tomorrow. However, the above news may indicate I get to stay home anyway!

In other exciting news, another coworker (Jace) sent out an email this morning offering up stray puppies for adoption.

Seems a daughter of a coworker of Jace's wife (could you follow that?) found them and is trying to find homes for them, but all the "adoption centers" have said they're full. She is even willing to pay for the first vet visit and first round of shots! I have already emailed to follow up. If it happens, it was meant to be! They look like they're gonna be big boys, but last weekend I was watching the Doggie Day Care at Petsmart, and I was so drawn to the Great Dane, it makes me think a big dog would be a Good Thing.

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  1. That puppy is adorable! Best wishes for the impending snow. We are at 70+ degrees here. We had winter for like 2 days right before Christmas.