Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's February already??!!

I'm due for a new post but haven't got much to say. This afternoon I delivered a cake for my friends Larry and Carlee, to a woman in RTP. It was for her mother's 63rd birthday. Monday I went over to Larry and Carlee's with Arvind for dinner and games. We played Coda, Loot, and Scattergories. I lost miserably at every single one. I think we are witnessing the tragic and yet perversely hilarious gradual decline of yours truly's mental capacity. My brain, until now only mushy in spots (mostly the ones in use when I attempt to display even minor physical coordination) is just about entirely mushlkjroqc.... At least I can still spell Febuary Frebuary Febrary February. Dude, write February ten times in a row. It starts to look reeeeally weird.

A-hem. Pardon me. Where was I? Ah, yes. My decline. In the final throes of self-preservation, I dropped off a follow-up thank-you letter at the company where I interviewed last week. I figured, since I was in the neighborhood, why not? Afterwards I went back to the Body Shop outlet to get a couple more oil warmers. They're a steal at only $3 each, normally like $15 in the regular stores. They really are the best way to fragrance your home. Plug-in thingies, even the oil ones, work okay for a few days in a small area like the bathroom. Candles are so expensive and the smell isn't that strong. But oil over an open flame, that's the ticket.


  1. Awwww, you plugged our business on your blog. Thank you! I send you a virtual curtsy. So you DO love me after all. I don't know why I ever doubted it.

  2. New Comer to you blog. I am living in CA as well and contemplating moving. Probably moreso than my husband is...LOL. Anyway, I am about 50 miles north of Santa Barbara, and I am thinking about moving to Missouri. I am ready for a change. Grew up here my entire life and I am ready. Husband is getting spoiled by the central coast weather (originally from midwest) and keeps reminding my I have never lived in real weather. Alas, he is right, but I am still ready. What is wrong with wanting to sell an overpriced POC CA house and make enough to outright buy a beautiful house and still have some serious cash in the bank...Oh, not to mention get to stay home with the kids (the real reason I want to move). I will live vicariously through your posts for the time being.

  3. hi melissa,
    just happened upon your blog. i live in raleigh. welcome to nc. used to live in apex (didn't like it so moved to raleigh).
    wanted to comment that did the meas. inc. work a long long time ago, and it was lots of fun. met a lot of neat, diverse people. it was a good stop-gap type of employment... also, if you go the the n&o website and visit the blogs there, i think i remembered one for bloggers to meet and greet. you may like that. it is hard to make adult friends in a new area, i agree. good luck with your job search. i'm in the same boat and it sux.