Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Update (though not as funny as SNL)

Saw Brokeback Mountain on Friday. It was a good film, in that the characters were vividly portrayed, the scenery was stunning, and the plot dealt with a delicate subject matter in a respectful yet compelling way. It reminded me a lot of If These Walls Could Talk 2, the first story, the one that takes place in the early 1960's. Two old ladies had lived together all their lives as more than friends, but no one knew the extent of their relationship because it just wasn't acceptable in those days. Very sad. But at least in that movie they got to be together, so even though it was a secret, they were not torturously kept apart like in Brokeback.

Behind the Scenes
Saturday I got to peek inside the world of sitcom pilots. Arvind is shooting one next weekend and he had to go check out the studio to see if it had everything they would need in terms of lighting, sets, props, etc. Very cool.

Afterwards we went to Triangle Town Center, which I had never been to. It's nice. I've been searching for the perfect black sweater turtleneck for some time now. Seems like a simple request, no? But the search has been futile indeed. That is, until I entered a store called Coldwater Creek. I'd never heard of them, but I went inside anyway, out of desperation. I saw sweaters of every color and every style. Red cardigans. Blue crewnecks. Even black turtlenecks...with giant gray cats embroidered on them! I was ready to give up and leave, when I saw a round table with sweaters of various colors neatly folded and stacked. As I came around the side, there they were, PLAIN, BLACK, TURTLENECK SWEATERS! The clouds parted and harps played and angels sang in harmonious glory. Ever the cynic, unwilling to get my hopes up, I thought, "They probably won't have my size." But, to their credit, they had several larges. "I bet they're $59 each," I convinced myself, still doubtful that my quest would be over today. But no! They were actually on sale! I held up the sweater, and it looked too perfect, but I had to try it on to be safe. I rushed into the dressing room, only to be greeted by a lady who wanted to ask my name and write it on a post-it on the door. Geez, lady, come on, don't you know this is an emergency? I get in the room, rip off my pink turtleneck, and pull on the black one. Aaaaah. Perfect weight, just enough stretch, good length on the arms, not too tight, not too boxy, perfect length. I had to bite my tongue to keep from shouting "Yippee!" right there in the dressing room! I promptly changed back into my clothes, and ran out to see what other colors they had. Alas, only screamingly bright colors that would not flatter in the least. Convinced, however, that this was, in fact, The Perfect Turtleneck Sweater, I bought two in black. Black fades, you know. Gotta have a backup.

Sunday I went to Cary Town Center and purchased a mint chocolate chip ice cream candle (oh yeah, it smells unbelievably like the real thing!), as well as a new purse (newsworthy because it's about twice the size of my other purses). But nothing as earth-shattering as the Black Turtleneck Sweaters. I'm sure ladies out there know what I felt: that adrenaline rush of finding exactly what you were looking for at a bargain price. It's a particularly sweet victory after such a long quest that seemed like it would end in fruitless defeat, especially with spring drawing nigh. And now it's immortalized forever in my blog. To bore all the male readers and make all the female ones jealous. Sorry. ;-)

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  1. Coldwater Creek is one of my favorite stores! I remember discovering it for the first time too. :-) (There's a store at Southpoint, here in Durham.)