Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The job search continues

I applied for two positions today. While I still have high hopes for the Environmental Educator job with the county, I cannot put all my eggs in one basket so to speak. Now that the holidays are over, more employers will be hiring, so I jumped right into the job pool this morning to dive after a couple good finds. I'm still at the point where I feel comfortable being selective; I do not want to apply for anything and everything willy-nilly, because then I'll end up with some nondescript office job that is neither challenging nor rewarding, in either the financial sense or the karmic sense.

The first one I applied for was for an agency called Timely Text. They are seeking instructional designers and trainers. Of course, not knowing which company I would be placed with concerns me a little...I would prefer something mission-oriented rather than profit-oriented, but at some point beggars can't be choosers. At least this position would make use of my more unique skills and experience, unlike a boring clerical job that any kid could do straight out of high school.

The other job was with the NC Trial Lawyers Association, as their public education coordinator. This one intrigues me, because among the duties is organizing the annual mock trial competition for high schools. While I myself have never had an interest in becoming a lawyer, I respect any high school student who is dedicated enough to put in the hours necessary to be good at a mock trial competition. Teaching left me quite disillusioned with most students' sloth and ineptitude. Helping create an arena for top-notch students to demonstrate their intellectual prowess sounds like something I could really bite into. The other aspect of the job is public outreach and education, so there's that whole betterment-of-society angle, which is always a draw for me.

So let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? And do a ceremonial job dance. And wish on a star, or a birthday candle, or a lucky penny. If you have a rabbit's foot, put it to good use, for pete's sake, and I'll pretend it doesn't bother me that you have severed animal limbs lying about.

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  1. I hope you find the job of your dreams - or at least one that will use your skills/talent and interest you the most.