Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting the heck out of Dodge

From a reader in California:
I am originally from there, moved out here in 1985 with my family and now am considering moving my own family back there. We live in the high desert out here and HATE IT. Traffic is horrible, people are so rude and a larger home for a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids is out of the question out here right now. Has it been a difficult adjustment for any of your family members? The humidity, the bugs, the accents :)? I truly miss the GREEN Country. I think we're afraid of culture shock.
It sounds to me like a move to NC is just what the doctor ordered for y'all. The ills you face out there are all but distant memories out here. People here are miles away from rude. Housing here is infinitely more affordable. And it is nothing if not green, green, green everywhere. Well, except during the winter! As I've said before, traffic exists but is less horrible than So Cal. You say the high desert; do you mean the Antelope Valley/Lancaster/Palmdale area? If so, I can agree that the rush-hour traffic there is quite challenging--and rush "hour" lasts for like three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening!

You really should not fear culture shock. I have not experienced any at all. If anything, it's been a culture "pleasant surprise." LOL! Humidity in the summer is definitely an issue, but that's what A/C is for. And the beauty of the Triangle is you are only 2-3 hours away from the mountains or the ocean for a cooler weekend escape.


  1. I feel a new career coming on for you - like a "Dear Melissa" column for transplants. This is great. Hope to see more. :)

    I also think you might be suited for technical writing - you clearly have an aptitude for the technical and for writing. I speak from being one myself.

  2. "Dear Melissa" for transplants--LOL! As for technical writing, I have looked at a few of the job postings and they seem way over my head. I think I could handle the writing bit but the technical part, not so much. Of course, "technical" can mean different things to different people. I have never in my life taken a Comp Sci class and don't know the first thing about IT. But as far as being tech savvy on the consumer end, I "bring it," as they would say on American Idol! Did you enjoy your work as a technical writer? Is it mostly freelance?

  3. I enjoyed freelancing or what they call "contracting." There are many levels to the technical side of technical writing - I'm not a Comp Sci person either but I have a knack for learning new tools. But contracting would be a good way for you to break in - if you could find the right opportunity.