Friday, February 03, 2006

Scarves and jobs

I finished my purple scarf last night. Not because I was particularly motivated to finish it; but rather, I was motivated to get it off my size 10.5 needles so I could use them to start a different scarf. One that will be a gift--my first that I will give to an adult, so it has to be good. No mistakes allowed! Or, more realistically, only a couple mistakes allowed! Can't say who it's for; it would ruin the surprise, even though this friend isn't a regular reader. So far it's looking good. I've only got a few inches, though. It's very thin yarn.

So back to the purple scarf. I'd been working on it for ages, and when I pulled it out last night I was delightfully surprised to see it only needed a few more inches! So I finished it, and wore it out to breakfast today. Of course, it was like 85 degrees, so I didn't need a scarf at all, but gosh darnit, I spent hours knitting the thing, so I'm gonna wear it! I kind of like how it turned out, with the makeshift pattern I came up with.

After much hemming and hawing, I've decided to apply for a job that qualifies as "settling." It's basically scoring student essays for a big testing company...I may be delusional, but I think I'm a shoo-in because the only requirement is that you have a bachelor's degree and can write a decent essay. So since I have that, PLUS I was a teacher and scored essays for five stinkin' years, if they don't hire me, I might as well go jump off the nearest bridge. The pay isn't great, it's only 35 hours a week, and there are no benefits, but hopefully it will get my foot in the door, so to speak...this would be a good company to work for in a permanent capacity. Assuming I get an interview, I'll have to find out if this can be used as a stepping stone job. If not, it's probably not worth it...I'd be working three weeks just to make rent, the fourth week would almost cover my Cobra premium, and then the rest of my expenses for the month (including all the gas for the commute to downtown Durham) would come out of savings. Gosh, I'm not making it out to be a very attractive opportunity. I don't know. We'll see what happens. I have applied for other jobs this week, better ones, but haven't gotten any calls.

I must take leave, now, and go enjoy this gorgeous weather. I'm thinking Umstead. You'll see photos, no doubt.

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