Saturday, February 18, 2006


Put in a DVD today and feared the worst (broken equipment) when it wouldn't play at all. Took it out and turned it over. Ah-ha! The movie is called Secondhand Lions after all, but come on.

Yowsers. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often, considering how little protection Netflix offers the millions of DVD's they send through the mail. The crack was barely noticeable on the front so I didn't catch it before I loaded the disc. Hard to believe, since the whole disc was completely split apart. Anyway, I reported the problem to Netflix--they have a very user-friendly system for these kinds of things. They will send out another copy and requested that I return the damaged one ASAP. I had another to send back as well (The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman--very, very slow to start, okay by the end, but the best part was the behind-the-scenes bonus features about shooting on location at the actual U.N. (this was the first film to be granted permission) and about what it's like to be an actual U.N. interpreter) so I hopped in the car. Even though I'm not a kangaroo.

The mail had already been delivered here so I drove to the nearest mailbox about half a mile away, hoping it would be in time for today's pickup. Alas, no. Bummer since Monday's a holiday. Oh well. The drive was interesting. Something was falling from the sky and it wasn't rain or snow. It was either hail or sleet...I've never really known the difference. But it made a neat tinkly sound on the car roof. Most of the little pieces of ice melted on contact but some stuck around for a little bit. I swear one that hit my jacket as I was standing outside the car "experiencing" the weather looked just like an itty bitty star of David. Weird.

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