Sunday, February 12, 2006

Spoiled kitty

Comet was trying to tell me last night that he is tired of his Science Diet food. I suspect he would never have known what it is to be unsatisfied if I hadn't tried out the expensive stuff (as if Science Diet isn't already pricey enough!). But now he likes the spa cuisine. Yes, they have spa cuisine for cats. I bought a bag of it a couple months ago because I was basically pressured by this lady at the pet supply store. She went on and on about how much better it is for the cat's health. Well, of course, he loves it. And last night he kept giving me this urgent look then running to his food bowl. Usually that means, "It's empty, you lazy bum, feed me already!" But there was plenty in it. So I knew he wanted the good stuff. Thus I found myself at Petsmart today purchasing kitty spa cuisine. I'll be darned, though, if that other stuff is going to waste. He'll get a mix and be happy about it.

While I was at the store I decided to spring for a new cat scratcher. He already has two, but they get worn out. They are only made out of cardboard, after all. These scratchers are the only thing that he reliably loves. You know how you buy a toy for your pet or your child (for some, pets are like children--me included!) and you are so pleased with yourself that you will bring happiness to your pet or child's life, and then you give the toy to your pet/child and they look at it/sniff it and walk away? Major let down. But imagine there was a toy that they would always dig. These corrugated cardboard scratchers (laced with catnip, naturally) are a guaranteed winner. I can barely finish unwrapping it before he is ON that thing, scratching away, rubbing his cheeks on it, and in the case of the ramped version, playing with the ball underneath. Such satisfaction. For both pet and owner.

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  1. Excellent photos, esp. that last one! He's such a gorgeous kitty.