Sunday, October 28, 2007

NC Mountains - Fall Foliage

Last weekend my parents and I went to visit my brother and my niece in Laurel Springs, NC. That's where my brother recently moved. It's funny, because his new house is across the street from where we all stopped for ice cream on our first trip to NC back in June of 2005. It's weird how things like that work. For instance, on that same trip, my mom and I ate lunch at a little Italian restaurant that turned out to be in the same shopping center where I did all my grocery shopping when I lived in Apex. And my current dentist is in the same shopping center where my parents got a PO box at a UPS store when we were still living in CA, so they could forward their mail while searching for a house.

Anyway, Cassidy is cute as ever, even if she refused to give me "sugars" the whole time we were there. She does a thing with Matthew where he'll say, "I love YOU more," and she'll say, "No, I love YOU more!" and they'll go back and forth like that. So adorable. She also does high fives with him. And she's totally into Finding Nemo. The girl has good taste.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to enjoy the scenery. Here are some pix:

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