Sunday, October 14, 2007

Marshall, Michigan

This is for Nicole, and she'll know why:

And this is for Mom and Dad:

Alas, I could go into neither, because they weren't open yet and I had to leave for my training.

It was a gorgeous day--low to mid 70's, crystal clear sky. SUCH a welcome break from the heat. I'm glad I left when I did, though--it was supposed to drop to the 50's and start raining the next day!

The B&B was tres cute (National House Inn). Here are some pix:

My hand's reflection on the surface of the plane at 22,000 feet:

Coming in for a landing at Baltimore International Airport:


  1. Might be a nice room if they got rid of the wallpaper! Looks like a pretty little town.

  2. The B&B is cute. It does have a lot o' floral for sure. I also love that you found a place called Serendipity....that was simply Serendipatious indeed.