Sunday, October 14, 2007

My office

When my company moved from 27609 to 27607, in addition to a longer commute, I got my own office. Having your own office has its plusses and its minuses. On the pro side, you can close the door and have some privacy, either to read a book during lunch, or to call and make a doctor's appointment. Also, you get to decorate it. On the con side, you are kind of stuck in a little cave, deprived of human interaction, unless you make a point to leave your office frequently (which I do). Anyway, here are some photos of my office. There is still one naked wall, crying out for some adornment. My original idea was to hang curtains, to make it look like a window, but then I decided that was lame. So my second idea was to buy some blank canvases and do some simple artwork, like I've seen them to on home decorating shows. I just haven't gotten around to it. So for folks who walk into my office all day, the blank wall kind of glares back at them, but for me, I sit with my back to it, so it's kind of out of sight, out of mind.

The aforementioned blank wall, and my desk. Can you spot the Slinky?

My lovely tapestry blanket/wall hanging, which I got at the flea market. The blue vase to the right (which looks kind of black in this photo) is also from there. And I love my cute mini pumpkins for Fall. I've since bought a cool multi-colored squash to join the arrangement.

My view from my desk, and also my lovely plant, which I've managed NOT to kill despite having it for nearly a year. It was a Christmas gift from the management company of our previous building--no one else wanted it, so I took it. It had a rough start--when I was gone for a week on my cruise in January, no one watered it, but it recovered nicely.

God, could this post have BEEN any more boring?!

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  1. Your office is very pretty. I am glad to finally get a chance to look at your blog and catch up on all of your entries.