Monday, May 14, 2007

Top baby names for 2006

As released by the Social Security Administration on Friday:

I can attest to Emma--my knitting friend Tammie just gave birth to a girl on 5/8 and named her Emma! Congrats, Tammie!

I've liked the name Hannah for a while now, but would I actually want to give it to my own daughter? On one hand, she may encounter dozens of classmates over the years with the same name. On the other hand, though, in the digital age when everything is Google-able, having a common name would afford a bit of anonymity so that she'd have a semblance of privacy. Hmm. Although, if you look at the percentages, while Emily and Jacob are the most popular, they still each only claim a bit over 1% of total babies born. As compared to, say, 80 years earlier when Robert and Mary claimed over 5% each. I guess we are trying to be a tad more original these days.

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