Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cliche Central: Easter and Tulips

I wish I had more to blog about. Nothing has seemed blog-worthy lately. Work is slooooow, and I haven't traveled anywhere. On the homefront, I'm still unpacking and getting things just so, in preparation for my housewarming party this coming Saturday.

Spring has been springing with a vengeance around here lately. I'm not particularly prone to allergies, but even my nose was itchy and sneezy and runny due to the insane amounts of pollen floating around. It makes for some mighty fine blooms, though:

Easter was fun. Matthew and his family came down for the weekend. I went over to my parents' house Saturday night and we filled and hid those little plastic eggs. Then Sunday morning the kids collected them. I'd say they hunted for them, but they were placed in such obvious locations, they were hard to miss. It was cute to see their reactions when they found one.

Cassidy is getting so big! She calls me Aunt Lissa now and is quite the show-off. Everything she does is motivated by your reaction. She loves being the center of attention--which, of course, she is when she is at grandma and grandpa's house! She is also NOT camera shy. When she sees one, she makes this funny, scrunchy face that garners lots of chuckles from the adults. I just hope she learns to smile normally for the camera, for the sake of her annual yearbook photos!

Layne's Easter basket had a cheerleader theme, so she and Cassidy were playing with the props on the screened porch:

I hope you all had a great Easter!


  1. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! We are seeing some blooms, but none as pretty as those.

    Cassidy is getting big and what a cutie patootie! Layne looks like she is getting very tall with some long legs.

    Happy Spring my friend.

  2. Loving Cassidy the Cheerleader!

  3. > my housewarming party
    > this coming Saturday.

    Wish I could attend - I'm sure it would be worth the trip if I had the airfare to my name at the moment...

    (Yes, you do know me... and this comment contains two clues (sorry, hints)... ;-)