Monday, April 23, 2007

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

After my training this morning (which went well), I decided to go to the zoo. Last night I had gathered over a dozen brochures, but nothing else really moved me. For a while I was considering a drive-thru safari thingie, but then I read about how your car will be covered in animal slobber and full of food pellets. While the idea of having a buffalo stick his head in my car for a bite to eat is thrilling on the one hand, on the other I just couldn't shake the feeling that it seemed somehow wrong to do this to animals. Not just making them stick their heads in cars for food, but also exposing them to random vehicles and drivers. Seems a little too disrespectful for my tastes. So I opted for the traditional zoo, and it was a fun day. The weather was great: a tad windy at times, but a great temp, and a mix of clouds and sun. Apparently the zoo here is free to local residents every Monday, so there were quite a lot of moms and kids, which kinda made it neat.

I took a bazillion photos, of course, and I'll post my favorites here. The rest can be seen at Flickr.

I think that next to felines, elephants are my favorite!

This is one of my best shots, I think. Gotta give some credit to the
froggy, though, for posing so perfectly.

This guy's also a pro at posing. He's actually over near the wolf
exhibit . This habitat affords a much better photo op than the bald
eagles in the other section of the zoo.

Come ON! Can't you just hear the purring?

This guy was over in the corner, pressed up against the
glass. After I took this, he walked over to me and looked
me right in the eyes. So precious!

P.S. I LOVE the zoom on my camera. Makes it worth lugging around the big thing!


  1. Those are the most beautiful pictures. The frog is my absolute favorite. He was a total poser!

    I got your message yesterday. I had the Starfish Girls over when you called. So much going on...I will write soon.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, love your blog

  3. Reminds me of the time I did one of those drive-thru safaris and a Rhino stuck his head in the car. I had to dump the basket of food on the ground to get his head out of the car. :)