Saturday, April 21, 2007

Most ridiculous charity ever

I'm watching Wednesday's episode of the Ellen show, and the guest is Sharon Stone. Ever since I was a volunteer at the Wildlife Waystation, of which she was an active supporter, I have admired her charitable works. However, today she lost a lot of that respect. The charity she was promoting was--wait for it--paying for girls to go to their proms. Dresses, makeup, admission, etc. If she wants to spend her own money on that, be my guest, but she was actually soliciting donations. "For only $175 you can send a girl to the prom!" How utterly ridiculous! There are so many more important things that money could benefit instead of paying for one night of lame decorations, sweaty dancing, and bad food, not to mention all the misbehaving that notoriously accompanies prom night. Come on!

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