Monday, December 11, 2006

My new camera!

So I finally just took the plunge and bought the Canon G7. It arrived today and so far I am very happy and relieved. It is not too big, and the photo quality is fantastic. Of course, all I've tested with is household items, so I haven't "stretched her legs," so to speak, but I am confident she will continue to impress. What follows will be of little interest to most people who read this blog regularly, but for anyone out there who lands here via a search on the G7, they might find this info worthwhile.

Photo comparisons
Both set on auto, no flash.

Me (Sony T1)

Me (Canon G7)

Flower (Sony T1)

Flower (Canon G7)

Both set on macro.
Quarter (Sony T1)

Quarter (Canon G7)

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  1. The difference is pretty amazing. COngrats on the new camera and thanks for giving me info. on my desire for an upgraded camera.