Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Comment roundup

Although I get an email every time someone comments on my blog, sometimes it's hard to tell where that comment was posted if it wasn't in response to the most recent post. So instead of digging through old posts and responding in the comments there, I'll just respond here.

Anonymous said,
I am a one of those people that read your blog and love the insight you have on living in North Carolina. I live in socal and plan on moving to nc next year.
Thanks for letting me know! I set out writing this blog for people just like you, so I'm glad it's reaching its intended audience!

And my "fan," the one who recognized me at Qdoba, said,
It's Kim from MA. It was so much fun meeting you! North Carolina is definitely a friendlier place. I don't think I would have surprised someone like that back home.
I hear you, Kim! If I'd been in L.A., I probably would have not walked up to some strangers who were calling my name. I would have run the other way! But it really was such a delightful surprise to meet a blog reader in that way. It's one of those stories you never forget.

Like the time my boyfriend discovered that our house keys matched. He lived in Lancaster; I was living in Canyon Country (these are suburbs of L.A. about 45 minutes apart). A spare house key of mine was sitting on my mantel. He happened to see it and said it looked just like his. Now, I think all keys look alike (well, you know what I mean) but somehow he recognized the actual shape of the grooves and when we held up mine next to his, sure enough, they were the same! We immediately went to the front door, and he used his house key to unlock my door. That was a Twilight Zone moment if there ever was one! I understand the odds are not all that phenomenal, because when you're talking about common doorknobs, there are only so many groove combinations. BUT, this was still mind boggling to me, that of all the keys to match, it would be mine and his. Of course I wanted to see this as some sort of sign that we were meant to be together--ha!--we're not--but it is still "one of those stories."

I'm becoming somewhat of a story enthusiast. I got back from a trip to South Carolina this afternoon, and one thing I've found that makes the driving go by more quickly is listening to podcasts. My favorites are from NPR, especially "Driveway Moment," "Story of the Day," and "Morning Stories." There is something so precious about a well-told story. If you have iTunes (and if you don't, go download it now!), you should check them out. They're free and usually pretty short, and leave you feeling just a tad bit enriched.

I'll leave you with a lovely cloud formation captured yesterday on my way to South Carolina.


  1. Nice pic!

    I know what you mean about friendlier places. When we moved to Oregon from CA, it was such an amazing change - a much-needed one. Orlando is friendly, too, and while I sometimes miss CA, mostly because it's so far away and I miss friends and family, I don't think I could ever live there again.

  2. Melissa,
    Great cloud picture. I love clouds like that, I felt like taking a fresh deep breath, to smell the rain in the air.
    Keep the pictures coming, it makes my stomach sick with excitement for our approaching move.


  3. Hi there! I found your site in one of my many Google searches for blogs having to do with the Triangle area. My wife and I are moving to our new house in Holly Springs from Van Nuys in a week and a half, and I have spent a lot of recent time reading your postings. Thanks for providing so much information, it'll prove very useful as we "get up to speed" in our new home!