Sunday, June 11, 2006

My first hat

I finished my first knitted baby hat yesterday, thanks in no small part to wonder-knitter Tammie. She held my hand through the whole process, and without her I would have been completely lost after the first 20 rows. I am so happy with how the hat turned out (aside from the fact that it is kind of large) and hope to start #2 without delay. It was my first non-scarf project, as well as my first attempt to follow an actual pattern (Ann Norling #37).

It was an incredibly simple one that even I didn't have trouble keeping up with. The decreasing was even manageable, until I had to start using two sets of circular needles. That's where it got tricky.

I suspect that if I had started and finished that part of the hat in one sitting, I would have gotten the hang of it a little better, but it was done in fits and starts. Hopefully I've retained all of what I was taught, and #2 will require less assistance.


  1. Very impressive! I think I'll stick to the scarves. :) Probably a good pick for me since I seem to average one scarf a year. ;)

  2. WOW!!! You have surpassed me in the world of knitting for sure... Good job Melissa. I am working on a pattern, but keep pulling it out every few rows because I keep losing stitches and need to begin again. I am proud of you....