Sunday, June 25, 2006


Look at the teensy weensy watermelons growing in my parents' garden. So cute!

Here's one that's slightly bigger. I can't wait till it's ready to eat!

Pretty little flowers on the basil.

Check out this giant moth we saw yesterday while touring the houses being built in the neighborhood. Pretty wings, nasty furry body.

And because I would feel bad leaving you with that as your last image, here are some more of those lovely daylilies. I am ridonkulously obsessed with them. These are about 30 miles from the ones I posted a couple days ago.


  1. That is the most precious little watermelon ever! I imagine a teeny tiny little fairy family enjoying it during a sweet little picnic at the local park. : )

  2. Wait til you see my garden! I have corn, jalapenos, tomatoes ;-)
    canteloupe, cilantro, and pumpkin! All coming in nicely as of right now. Hopefully the flood didn't hurt them! We shall see.

  3. Nice garden. How are your parents enjoy living in the new home?