Saturday, June 17, 2006

Melissa needs...

Have you ever tried Googling yourself? It can be kind of shocking to see where your name pops up--both when it's really you, as well as when it's someone else with your same name! For instance, there's a Mrs. Melissa Mertz who is a high school English teacher in Ellington, CT; a Melissa Mertz who is co-vice president of Ball State's Natural Resources and Environmental Management club; and a Melissa Mertz who is director of victim services at New York City's Bellevue Hospital.

I stumbled upon a meme that is kind of like that, but with a twist. You Google your name and the word needs, as in "Melissa needs," including the quotation marks. Then you just post the first ten results. It's kinda funny. In a slightly incestuous turn, some of the top results were other blogger's lists of what they found when doing this search. Also, I got some repeats in my top ten, so I did the first ten unique ones. Here you go:
  1. Melissa needs a fuller understanding to be sure she is on the right track.
  2. Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead.
  3. Melissa needs to get off the porch rail!!!
  4. Melissa Needs Maintenance Manuals!
  5. Melissa needs a camp job in July.
  6. Melissa needs attention and will do “things” for attention.
  7. Melissa needs blood will you help me?
  8. Melissa needs to move to a new convent to complete the next part of her religious journey.
  9. Melissa Needs Your Help - Kittens/cats Up For Adoption ...
  10. Melissa needs to take a break.
  11. Melissa needs to find a new agent.
Okay, so it was 11.

So here's something kinda cool. I was checking out my visitor stats and noticed that someone came to visit me from The Write Coast, and I discovered that the (obviously discerning) writer of that blog lists my blog as one of her "favorite reads!" So I thought I'd give her an Ellen-style HOLLA! By the way, I saw the above meme on Listaholic, which is her other blog. I love lists too! She has some awesome memes and it will be hard to choose which one to do next.


  1. Should one be concerned if this particular meme brings up all statements along a theme like "______ (insert name here) needs immediate intervention" "______ needs to hold it together for 30 hours" . . . ? !

  2. Funny you should mention "The Write Coast." I "met" her during International Weblogger's Day, linked her on my blog, but who does she love - you! :)

  3. i dated a melissa mertz in college. i "googled" her, hell i googled her alot back then! anyways, found your site. she is from PA.