Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some like it hot

I certainly don't. According to my Yahoo weather widget, it's 88 degrees outside. Hardly sweltering by many standards, especially given the relief that can be had with air conditioning. However, I seem to be having heat issues lately. Not only is my car overheating, which means no A/C for me when I drive (and often it also means I must blast the heater and choose between my face and my feet feeling like fire), but also now I've discovered that my apartment A/C is not functioning. I always seem to have bad luck with air conditioners. I haven't lived somewhere where it works reliably since the late 90's. In my last apartment, I turned it on one day to discover it was blowing uncooled air. I let it go for about an hour before I gave up and opened the windows, only to find that the ocean breeze had kicked in and I didn't need it anymore anyway. That was one awesome thing about my last apartment. Awesome airflow.

Anyway, I called the office and they sent someone over pronto (about an hour). That's one reason why I like corporate-managed apartment living. Anyway, the guy's been down there for about half an hour and he's got tubes running from the HVAC unit to a small aqua-colored tank that I can only assume is freon. He's just standing there staring at it. Maybe that's all he can do while he waits for the magic to happen. What do I know? The air coming out of the vents does not seem to be any cooler, but we'll see. Luckily the humidity is low today (32%) and there is a decent breeze.

Latest. The guy came back upstairs and disconnected some sort of copper tube and found a whole bunch of sandy stuff inside. He said it's supposed to be clean as a whistle, so who knows how that gunk got in there. I hope he's able to fix it today, because tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher, but with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Nice and steamy.

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  1. I am sorry you are having heat issues Melissa. It is a good thing that you are taking care of the A/C now and not in July when it will be super hot.
    I came home to gross rusty water. I have had to let every faucet run for at least two minutes before the water runs clear.... yuck!