Friday, April 28, 2006

Couple blogs to check out

Work has been really slow lately (thus the post at 4:00 on a weekday afternoon). In the down time, I have been doing some blog reading. I discovered two great blogs I wanted to share, in case you too have a lot of spare time to kill. I've read both of the blogs in their entirety, which is a testament not only to my boredom, but to their interest level.

The first is called "M in the UK," about a girl from Canada (I think) who is in London for the summer. She recounts her explorations of the city and posts some great photos. It has some good tips, too.

The second is called "...ontherails," written by a British guy who moved to Canada and is taking a 30 day train trip across the United States. His writing is vivid and wistful. He's made it all the way to California now, and should be posting soon about his latest adventures. He talks about a really cool-sounding program called the Hospitality Club, which basically hooks up travelers with a host who has a spare bed or couch. I love that something like this exists, even if I would never be able to take advantage of it (or act as host, for that matter). Single gal, safety, and all that.

I stumbled upon both of these blogs simply by clicking on "Next Blog." Ninety percent of the time, it's gobbledy-gook, but occasionally you come across a nugget that makes wading through the muck worthwhile.

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