Monday, April 24, 2006

Apple Chill and Flowers

Lots of things flying through my head...many of them labeled "possible blog fodder." However, I seem to run out of time every day before I get a chance to write. So, quickly.

Went to Apple Chill on Sunday, a big festival in Chapel Hill. Turns out it will be the last one. After 35 years, they are shutting it down due to violence. Three people were shot last night after the festival ended. Sad.

After Apple Chill, we swung by Fearington Village and checked out the gardens and cows. Lovely and adorable, respectively.

Spring rocks my world.

Had a murderous drive home. The bugs would be fully justified in labeling my car as a weapon of mass destruction. The windshield was a splatter-ama but it was nothing compared to my front bumper. Gross!


  1. Those are the most gorgeous flowers in the whole world Melissa!!! Excellent photog skills my friend. Interesting note; Growing up we went to Apple Hill...kinda like Apple Chill... but different. It was lots of apple orchards that you could go to and pick apples, eat apple related foods, and buy has lots of happy memories for me. O.K. I am random today. : )

  2. Too bad about Apple Chill, you'd think people could just (pardon the pun) chill.

    Love the photos! I posted tulip pics on my blog today ~ I'm still not used to seeing so many tulips in bloom all over the place.