Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A merry time was had by all...

...except for those under age 1. Christmas was lovely. The whole family was together, and the house was full of life, love, and good cheer. But poor little Cassidy was very much under the weather. With lingering (recurring?) ear infections, a hacking cough, runny nose, and puffy red eyes, she was quite a pitiful sight. She cried almost nonstop. I swear she was saying "Ow." Her wails really sounded like it. Of course, being Christmas, the only option for medical care was the ER, which seemed rather extreme. When her fever spiked to 103.8, though, we seriously considered it. Thankfully the Tylenol worked its magic. Monday morning she actually smiled for a spell but it didn't last. I hope the doctor can make her feel better. She's usually such a happy little girl, and to see her suffering was heartbreaking.

Meanwhile in happier events, the kids had a fantastic time opening their presents.

Well, mostly.

One might say the children are spoiled

but that is a grandparent's prerogative!

In all seriousness, the abundance we are blessed with can be overwhelming at times. We are truly very fortunate and I am bursting with gratitude. Not just for the presents, but for the love, the affection, the support, the bonds that tie our family together. At the same time, I'm grateful even for the challenging aspects of life, because it is through them that we grow.

If you want to see more pictures from our Christmas, you can view my flickr album here. I recommend choosing "View as slideshow."

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  1. What a truly beautiful post. And what a cool tree to wake up to on Christmas Day if you were those kids!