Friday, December 02, 2005

Dude, I was SO one of the first bloggers!

And I didn't even know it! Check it out, I totally forgot about this part of my old website.

When I was teaching, I had a web site for my students, and it looked like this:

I remember being so proud of those rollover book buttons. They took me like two days to do! Anyway, I totally forgot that there was a section where I used to write occasional little blurbs about what was new on the site, what was going on in the world, at school, etc. Reading it now, it seems just like a blog!

I uploaded the old site on a free server (please excuse the ads) for your reading pleasure. (It's ridiculous how now you can get 50 MB of storage for free, in a heartbeat, when back in the day I was limited to 10 MB on Time Warner--and I paid them almost 50 bucks a month for internet service!)

Other highlights, in addition to the bloggy part: the quote pages (it's funny how many of them ended up in Foundations for Life!), the mini-bio, and the photo album. All the internal links should work; the external links are probably in terrible disarray. But maybe tomorrow I'll post some of the ones that still exist out in cyberspace after all these years. It was a good collection of fun stuff!

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