Thursday, December 15, 2005

Various and sundry

You know something's not quite right when the Yahoo weather report for Apex says the low today is 39, but right at this moment it's 36. Hmm. According to, it's 35, but feels like 28. And did I mention it's raining? There were ice warnings last night, and the city was all geared up to dispatch salt brine trucks. At least two districts closed schools today, while others opened two hours late (I suppose to allow the ice time to melt once the sun rises?). I don't know if the ice ever materialized, because lucky me, I don't have to be anywhere.

I have to say, I'm getting very accustomed to this life of leisure, which is b-a-d. I've become a champion at staying busy doing nothing. I spend a LOT of time on the computer. I don't watch that much tv, which is an interesting departure for me. I bet if I had a DVR/TiVo, that would be different. I've done a lot of knitting. Finished two more scarves.

One for me, in fall-ish colors (perfect now that
it's winter!), complete with tassels (ooh, fancy).

And one for my niece, done in a fun eyelash yarn, in girly-girl colors.

Alas, the things that need getting done, like writing out my Christmas cards, go ignored.

Heading back to the daily grind is going to be a shock to the system, no doubt. But I won't entirely hate it...there's something to be said for putting in a good 40 hours and then relaxing on the weekends. Makes you feel more like a productive, hardworking citizen and less like a sloth. It certainly makes the weekends more special, whereas now, Wednesday is no different than Saturday, and there's a sadness in that.

Here's a tip for bargain-hunters out my first knitting group meeting the other night, I found out that if you sign up for the Borders email newsletter (click Borders Mail in the upper right-hand corner), they send you 30% off coupons that you can print out over and over again. The only restriction is one per day. I just bought a $25 book there, and I'm considering returning it and then re-purchasing it with the coupon...that's $7.50, man--that could buy me a good skein of yarn!


  1. nice scarves, melissa! way to go on the tassles, too!
    i've made so many scarves, but none for ME. time to remedy that situation!

  2. Well, you're actually doing yourself a gave away all the "practice" that you've honed your skills, you can make a really good scarf for yourself! Meanwhile all the scarves I've kept for myself are mistake-ridden!