Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

The single girl's Christmas tree:

And my bedroom window, which faces the parking spaces, is now officially festive. I have yet to see anybody else’s lights. Bunch of humbugs? Hopefully my lights can spread some Christmas cheer.

Lord knows it's cold enough for the holidays. Highs in the 40's, lows in the 20's all week. Thankfully the precipitation is now over for at least a few days; last night the top story on the 11:00 news was about the threat of roads icing. Not pretty.

I've got the Billboard Music Awards on in the background in the hopes of catching Carrie Underwood’s appearance, but meanwhile I’m being subjected to the crappiest music imaginable. You want to feel old? Listen to what qualifies as a hit these days. Blech.

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