Thursday, August 21, 2008

Need I say more?

Driving from Chicago up to Wisconsin, shortly after you cross the state line, is Mars Cheese Castle. It's not a cheese hut, or a cheese shack, it's a cheese castle, people. And as you must all know by now, cheese is my crack cocaine. I am addicted to it bad, baby. So this? This is Mecca.

Well, not really. They have a lot of cheese, but I'd bet my Harris Teeter has the same amount or more, although granted, it's not direct from the udders of Wisconsin cows. They also have lots of gourmet type foods, like pickled things and homemade jams, etc.

I left with some smoked string cheese. Alas, it was too smoky for my palate. You couldn't taste the mozzarella for all the smoke flavor. Even though my choice was disappointing, the Cheese Castle legend lives on.

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  1. You had to be in Heaven my friend! You do heart cheese, indeed!