Saturday, August 30, 2008

Me by the numbers

I'm making up my own meme, folks. Watch out!

1. Number of emails in your personal INBOX: 56 (but only 6 unread)

2. Number of degrees you set your summertime thermostat to: 78

3. Number of live plants in your home: 3

4. Number of clean dinner plates in your cupboard right now: 4

5. Number of loads of laundry you do in a typical week: 2 (white, colors)

6. Number of ceiling fans in your home: 2 (living room, bedroom)

7. Number of CD's in your car right now: 10 (only for when my iPod is dead)

8. Number of times you ate out in the past week: 0

9. Number of trips you've taken on an airplane in the past year: 9 (Vermont, NYC, Baltimore, Tallahassee, Philadelphia, Philadelphia again, Los Angeles, London, Chicago) (In the next 4 weeks I'll be flying to Mississippi, Denver, Mississippi again, and Oklahoma)

10. Number of pets you own: 1 (cat)

11. Number of magazines you subscribe to: 0 (but for some reason I get Self for free)

12. Number of dresses or skirts you wore last week: 0

13. Number of photographs you carry in your wallet or purse: 0 (unless you count the ones on my digital camera)

14. Number of gallons it usually takes to fill your vehicle: 15

15. Number of times you go to the movies in a typical month: 1

16. Number of times you hit the snooze button before getting up: 1

17. Number of minutes it takes you to get ready in the morning: 75

18. Number of sweetener packets you put in a regular cup of coffee: 4 (prefer Splenda, Equal, or Sweet & Low)

19. Number of remote controls you have in the living room: 3 (cable, TV, DVD/receiver)

20. Number of times you brush your teeth in a day: 2

21. Number of vitamins you take in a day: 4 (multi, C, 2 flax oil)

22. Number of ounces of water you drink in a day: about 50

23. Number of schools you've gone to: 6 (Pinecrest Elem, Arroyo Seco Jr. High, Saugus High, UCSD, Dartmouth, CSUN)

24. Number of states you've lived in: 3 (California, New Hampshire, North Carolina)

25. Number of times you've served jury duty: 1 (didn't make it onto a jury though)

26. Number of presidential elections you've voted in: 3 (Clinton, Gore, Kerry...and the 4th: Obama!)

27. Number of times you've been hospitalized: 1 (epiglotitis when I was four)

28. Number of blogs you read every day: 8 (unless I'm really busy, then I at least make sure to hit LOL Cats)

29. Number of weddings you've been to: 5

30. Number of Twitter updates as of right now: 204


  1. Matched you perfectly on number 12, but then I've got a better excuse :-)

  2. Perhaps a more interesting variation on number 12: The all-time greatest number (at a guess) for any week of your life?

    (Not much greater than zero, by any chance?)

  3. I used to wear skirts all the time when I was a teacher. Several a week. Even a few dresses.

  4. Was that the real reason you quit?? :-)