Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New pennies in 2009!

The state quarter program will be ending, but the Mint will not let me down! They're releasing four new pennies:
Over the years, there have been many design changes for the one-cent coin. Usually, the 25-year minimum has to pass between redesigns. But, thanks to the 2009 Lincoln One-Cent Coin Redesign Program, there will be four design changes within 2009!

Abraham Lincoln's image has been on the front of the penny since 1909. That image will remain in place for all four coins in the new program. On the back, four different images will highlight four parts of Lincoln's life. These coins will be issued about 3 months apart in the order they happened.

* His birth in Kentucky (1809 to 1816)
* His youth in Indiana (1816 to 1830)
* His professional life in Illinois (1830 to 1861)
* His presidency in Washington, DC (1861 to 1865)

Besides the regular circulating version of these coins, a special version may be made for collectors. This version would contain the same metals as the original 1909 cent (95 percent copper, 5 percent tin and zinc) instead of the modern cent's normal mix (2.5 percent copper, the rest zinc).

Beginning in 2010, the design on the back of the one-cent coin is scheduled to represent the unity of the states, which Lincoln worked so hard to restore and preserve, and not to change again any time soon.
No pictures of what they'll look like yet, but this is exciting because instead of having to figure out how much change to give the cashier to ensure you get 75, 50, or 25 cents back, now you can just give them bills and there's a reason to WANT pennies! They're also releasing four new Native American-themed gold dollar coins, in addition to the current presidential gold dollar coin series. But those are nearly impossible to come by in general circulation. Pennies, though, are the exact opposite!

Update 9/24/08: Check out the new designs!!

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  1. For 2009, the Mint will also issue Quarters for Washington, DC and the 5 US Territories.

    So lots of new designs to look for!