Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blue Planet Run

In the last couple of days, this event has morphed from an endurance challenge to benefit those without clean water into, well, a weekend getaway that happens to involve a lot of running. Our team decided to downgrade from the 24-hour run to the 12-hour run, and to rent a cabin rather than camp in tents. Both of which show how coddled and spoiled we are. But--BUT!--at least we are doing something to improve our world, as opposed to sitting at home watching TV or something.

The forecast calls for thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon, which was the main reason we decided to go for the cabin. It's a massive, 3-level number intended for camp counselors (the run is held at Camp Rockmont, which is used for summer camps). There are many beds, and best of all, toilets and showers! And a roof! The fact that there's electricity and a kitchen are just bonuses, but very welcome bonuses nonetheless. I've been told we are "doing it Real World style," which means that whoever gets to the cabin first gets to pick their bed first. And, there will even be a confessional room, with a video camera set up so we can share our innermost thoughts. Someone's bringing their Xbox, another person's bringing the LCD projector from work, and many are bringing board games. We're really roughing it.

So Friday, we leave early from work and get to Black Mountain around 7:30. We make a mad dash for rooms, then go to dinner in town, and come home to go to bed relatively early since the run starts the next day (not till 10am though). Saturday, we run, run, run, till 10pm. It's a relay, so we take turns doing a 5-mile loop. I'm guessing the cabin will be pretty empty most of the day since we'll be out by the start/finish line (the course is a loop) where the food vendor will be (yes only one), and I guess there will be live music and maybe other stuff to keep us entertained. I believe "festival atmosphere" was the term I heard previously, however when I inquired as to how may participants there would be, they said a little over 200. So I can't imagine there will be that much going on. But it's supposed to be a nice day until the aforementioned thunderstorms roll in. I'm hoping I don't have to run in the rain. Or in the dark. I am still doing my two laps as promised, because I promised donors I would if I met my fundraising goal. I set the bar at $250, and as of today I've raised $291. That's so awesome! It's such a good cause.

Saturday night we are supposedly "partying," but I'm not much of a night owl, so we'll see how that goes. Then Sunday we come home. I must admit I'm relieved I won't have to be running at 2am, 3am, 4am...that would screw my sleep cycle up for days.

I will take lots of pictures and be sure to post some here when I get back. It should be a fun weekend!

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  1. The week-end definitely shaped up into a nice getaway. It will be fun I think. I will be thinking about you as you rough it.

    I am getting excited about London... WOW!!