Friday, May 16, 2008

The Challenge Report Card: C-

I have done really well in terms of NOT buying anything online (except two things for work that will be reimbursed), not buying any clothes or shoes or household items, and eating mostly what I have at the house. I did go to the grocery store once and spent $40, but it was all completely justifiable. I had tons of pasta in the cupboard, but no sauce. I needed apples and milk and cheese. So if this was my only transgression, I think I'd still deserve an A.

The camera class was exception #1. No big deal. But then there was the whole Blue Planet Run weekend. The cabin was supposed to be exception #2, but on top of that I ate out twice, and that wasn't in the original plan. Or if it was, it was supposed to come out of the $40 I took out of the ATM, but that was spent at the grocery store. Okay, so if those were my only exceptions, I'd deserve a B.

But I've eaten out five times in the past two weeks. Three lunches (Qdoba! Jersey Mike's! Pei Wei!) and two dinners (Cinco de Mayo! Tonight!). So basically, I suck at not spending money when it comes to eating out. And I bought my mom flowers for Mother's Day. Shame, shame on me. C- it is.

I'm doing the evaluation today instead of on Wednesday, which is technically the last day, because Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I will be traveling for work, so my meals out will be reimbursed (yippee!).

I will say that I was successful in not charging anything on the credit card (except for work things). So that's a good thing. And it's not like I gave in every time I was tempted. People offered to pick me up lunch several times and I declined, opting instead to eat what I'd brought like a good girl. And today I could have had an iced coffee from Caribou, a delightful afternoon treat, but I passed. I heard about a fun website and wanted to throw away $10 just to see what I'd get, but I refrained. I have not purchased shampoo or mousse, even though I'm out of both--I've used things from my massive "reserves," which, although they're not my preferred products, do the job well enough.

So although I didn't pass with flying colors, I passed, and for the month of June I'm giving myself permission to "spend at will," and when I return, we'll see where I'm at. Then hopefully I'll be able to try the challenge out for a second month and do even better, and save enough money to buy a really good elliptical. The Nordic Track just ain't doin' it for me anymore.

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  1. I think you graded yourself too harshly. I would give you a B-. You did a pretty good job. I write this as I sit here looking at my new ipod, video, and c.d. I definitely would not have gotten above a "D" this last month.