Thursday, November 08, 2007


David Pogue, the NY Times tech columnist, gathered these questions from readers. Number 3 is a fabulous idea!
  1. Why can't I order TV channels a la carte, so that I just pay for the ones I want?
  2. Why do the signal-strength bars on my cellphone change when I'm standing still?
  3. When we are put on hold, we offered numerous options--"press 1 for sales," etc. Why not an option to press for "Mute this annoying music," or maybe to select different types of music?
  4. Why is there a Maximum Weight notice in an elevator, and what are we supposed to do about it? How are we supposed to know how much we collectively weigh?
  5. Why is the numeric keypad on a computer (7-8-9 at the top) upside-down from the numeric keypad on phones (1-2-3 on top)?
  6. Why aren't elevator buttons double action? Press once to go to floor, press again to cancel. It would save all those "OOPS!--I hit the wrong button" moments.

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