Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Animal-lover's dilemma

There's a trial going on right now in Galveston, TX. You may have heard about the man, James Stevenson, who shot and killed a cat because he claimed it was stalking endangered birds. He admits to killing the animal, and even to the act being premeditated, but he insists he was doing it to protect the birds. Apparently the case has drawn attention from bird lovers and cat lovers alike, and both sides are strident in the defense of their positions.

I myself am a cat person. In fact, my care for birds is so low that I even consent to eat the chicken and turkey variety. So of course I think this guy deserves to be punished. The key factor in the case, which will determine whether or not he is convicted, is whether or not the cat was feral, or belonged to someone. It lived under a bridge, so was not a traditional pet, but the bridge's toll taker did feed it and provide toys, so in my opinion, that makes the cat his pet.

However, I do see his point about the cat being a problem for the birds. But isn't that nature's way? It's one thing when a species is bordering on extinction due to human destruction of its habitat, but when the animal's own natural predators are to blame, I think that's called "survival of the fittest."

Here's the link to the article in the NY Times (free registration required), if you care to read more.

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  1. You stated above you are a cat person butyour care for birds is so low you eat the chicken and turkey variety. I am a dog,cat and bird lover and i currently own 1 or more of the animals listed above. my birds arent wild birds there cockateils, trained to be held and can whistle to a tune on command. i take great pride in all of my animals and wouldnt get rid of them for anything. now on to this story.
    any cat that hasnt been around birds and hasnt been taught not to hurt them will chase them and possibly kill or eat them thats there nature.
    birds such as turkeys and chickens were put here to begin with by our god above for us to eat along with pork and beef products.
    James Stevenson had a right to protect the birds but he didnt have a right to take another animals life, he could have went and gotten some type of spray or talked to the toll taker and asked him to confine this cat rather then take it upon his self and shoot it. 2 wrongs dont make a right, and Mr. Stevenson was wrong i agree he needs to be punished. he may be an animal lover to one type of animal but they are all god creations and were all put here to serve a purpose. just my 2 cents.