Saturday, September 22, 2007

More weird dreams

I dreamt last night that a sister of a friend was pregnant, cheerfully walking down the street with a big belly and cute flippy hairdo; I was riding a motorcycle around a town that was part Las Vegas, part Savannah, doing 60 in a 16 zone (16?); staying in a hotel room full of dust bunnies clinging to the walls and a gang of spiders that kept disappearing; trying to take a photo of a sea creature in one of those aquarium touch pools, and it turned into a piranha and bit me on the hand; going down stairs without guard rails which caused me to fall; and shopping in Big Lots where I spent $85 on Big Lots crap, and I had to bag my own crap.

So does all this wacky dreaming mean I'm psychic, like my mom says, or just severely disturbed?

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