Sunday, September 09, 2007

Carolina "Christmas" Show

I went with my parents to the Carolina Christmas Show at the fairgrounds yesterday. It was fun to browse through all the vendors, but they really have some nerve calling it a Christmas show. Only about 10% of the stuff was in any way holiday related. Mostly it was people selling jewelry, specialty foods (read: yummy samples!), and the kind of as-seen-on-TV products you always see at these kind of shows. I was suckered into buying "Touch of Purple," purportedly one of those magical all-in-one cleaners. It did a good job on my silver ring, and is said to keep dust off ceiling fans for months at a time, too). I also got some massaging insoles for my shoes. They are trippy! They have this gel in them and when you walk it swishes around. My feet did feel better than they normally would have after a day of walking around, so they were worth it. I also got a couple of nifty hook gadgets for vinyl siding, so you don't have to put a nail in the side of the house to hang a wreath or other such items. Overall it was a good time.

Afterwards, we browsed through the flea market that is at the fairgrounds every weekend. It was pretty hot, so we didn't explore every aisle, but we did linger over some wooden rocking chairs and bench cushions. Also, I ordered a wall hanging for my new office as an acoustic accessory because the bare walls are very echo-y. Hopefully it will arrive in a week or so.

Today I'm going to take care of a couple things that have been desperately crying out for attention lately: a pedicure and an oil change (well, actually just a filter change--synthetics don't require as frequent changing as regular oil). I would love to get into a monthly routine for pedicures, but I usually find myself wanting one on a Sunday, and most nail places are closed on Sundays. But I found one in the mall that is open, and they have reasonable prices, so we'll see how they are.

Tomorrow I'm off to Vermont, which is exciting for two reasons. A) It is going to be much cooler there, and B) I get to fly on Jet Blue. My flight leaves at 6 am (ug) Monday and then I return home at midnight on Tuesday (ug again). I have a four-hour layover in JFK. I've never been to that airport before, so that should be interesting. I suppose if I were really adventurous, I would take the subway into the city and grab a slice of pizza or something, but I'm too paranoid about complications causing me to miss my flight.

One thing that will be interesting for this trip is that I'm still taking on-call shifts both Monday and Tuesday nights.... Monday is fine--I'll be on the ground--but Tuesday I'll be in the air for a few hours during peak paging time, so if there are any calls my boss will have to handle them. He really should just take the shift, or make someone else take it, but it really is like pulling teeth with these people. I mean, it's not a lot of money, but if you do it all month it adds up quick. Something about "having a life," or something, I don't know....

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