Sunday, September 23, 2007

In the mood for a little meme?

Came across this by doing a search for memes, and modified it a bit to suit my tastes.

1. "If I could be an inn-keeper..."
I would have a bed and breakfast in Monterey or Cambria or some other area of the central California coast. Vermont is nice and all, but too snowy.

2. "If I could be a scientist..."

It's hard not to say "I'd find the cure for cancer and AIDS" and all the other terrible diseases. But I think that answer better fits with the question, "If I had three wishes..." So, really, if I were a scientist, I would probably be working in the field of zoology, and I'd be trying to save endangered species.

3. "If I could be a farmer..."
I would definitely run an organic operation, and I would have free-range chickens (genuinely free-range, not the ridiculous legal definition of of free-range) and grow whatever grows best in the climate where I have my farm. Hopefully that would include avocados. I'd want cows and sheep and pigs and stuff, but not for slaughter, ever.

4. "If I could be a celebrity..."
I'd totally want to hang out with other celebrities, but only the down to earth and fun ones. Like Ellen--she doesn't go out and party, she stays home and plays board games. You can always tell when Ellen interviews someone if they would be fun to hang out with. And I'd definitely put my fame to use by supporting a really great cause. The only problem would be picking one.

5. "If I could be a photographer..."
I would want to be a travel photographer and visit the Greek Isles and Australia and Scotland and stay in fab hotels and take pictures of the water and the buildings and the markets and the sunsets.

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